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HideMyAss VPN

760 Servers in 190 Countries

Automatic Kill switch

5 Simultaneous Connections

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“Widely considered one of the best VPN providers available”


Hide My Ass VPN Review

by VPN Ninja

There are a number of VPN services available and finding a reliable one can be difficult. In our VPN review we take a look at one of the most well-known VPN providers, Hide My Ass.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good security and solid network
  • Server locations across lots of countries


  • No free version available
  • More expensive than other providers

Hide My Ass VPN features review

The appeal of Hide My Ass, apart from the name, is the high quality service and good choice of server locations. You can watch TV shows from around the world or use the service to securely browse on a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Stream TV

One of the common reasons people use a VPN is to stream their favourite TV shows. The players and subscriptions services for many TV services are location dependent. If you have been watching a season of a TV show and happen to be away from home, you may not be able to continue watching in your current location. This is where a VPN comes in handy, you can select the desired location and you will be connected to a server in that country. The service has a large number of services across the US, UK and all over the world. The latest version of the VPN has a handy speed test built in. This will automatically select the best server that will work on your current internet speed.

Security and Privacy

Wi-Fi hotspots provide convenience and internet access to your devices in just about anywhere you might find yourself. These services are not always the most secure way of browsing and can make you more susceptible to hacking. Using the Hide My Ass VPN service allows you to quickly connect to a secure IP address. You can now browse safely and securely with your activity on the internet kept private from prying eyes.

The Hide My Ass services uses encryption tools similar to those used by banks, governments and other institutions to protect data. The VPN service uses the AES-256 encryption standard to protect users activity and data.

Using Hide My Ass VPN Services

The services offered by Hide My Ass do come at a cost. Sadly, there is no free service available so you will need a subscription for Hide My Ass VPN services. You can try out the service for free for 30 days to see if you are happy with it. You will need to provide card details to get the free trial and these will be charged the subscription fee once the 30 days is over. The fees for Hide My Ass are:

  • £7.99 each month
  • £5.99 a month if prepaid for 6 months
  • £4.99 a month if prepaid for the year

The Hide My Ass VPN service is available for use across multiple devices and is available as a mobile app.


Hide My Ass is widely considered one of the best VPN providers available. The service is incredibly easy to use, even if you are not particularly tech savvy. The cost of the service is higher than other similar providers which makes it less desirable.

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